Classification Societies

Provide shipowners with the verification, assurance and approval required to ensure efficiency measures are safe, reliable and – crucially – achieve savings in fuel, carbon and money.  With increasing legislation, the demand for classification societies to verify the efficiency of vessels will provide new business opportunities. The class society plays a significant role in verifying retrofits and upgrades to vessels.

RightShip works closely with classification societies to validate the data used for the calculations – for example, requiring retrofits to be verified by a classification society to enable the GHG Emissions Rating of a vessel to be recalculated.

Technology Providers

The shipping industry is currently facing increasing pressure from tightening emissions control regulations and historically high bunker prices, creating an enormous opportunity to generate substantial financial gains from implementing clean technology retrofits.   Through charterer endorsement of the GHG Emissions Rating, aims to increase demand for technologies that can both deliver real cost savings and reduce emissions.  


By endorsing you join a group of companies at the leading edge of the shift to a more efficient industry. Your endorsement provides enhanced visibility for your company and strengthens our mandate to inform and accelerate the uptake of efficient vessels. Provide testimonials and logos to us by emailing